New 10-day virtual bootcamp experience!

Ditch the sugar and get back on track! 

...even if you've gained far more Weight back than Just the "Quarantine 15"!

Quit sugar -- get back on the fast track to weight loss!

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SO LONG SUGAR bootcamp has started.  

Does any of the following sound like you?
  • "This quarantine makes me feel so out of control!"
  • "I'm afraid to try on my jeans; I already just know they won't fit!"
  • ​"I'm the only person I know who caves to comfort foods, and is regaining their weight."
  • "Why does this happen to me every time something stressful happens? I don't even realize it until it's too late."
  • "....And who the heck put this ice cream in my freezer and cookies in the cupboard anyway?? Not ME! (Yes, really me.)"
"Yes That's me, so How do I fix it?"
Glad you asked! Here's how...
  • Firstly, you need the advice from someone who has been through her own lifelong sugar addiction and is now the empathetic coach you need to help you too learn to love life without it.
  • ​We need to kick sugar back out of our kitchens and out of our lives... for good! 
  •  It needs to be fun, simple, and drama-free... self-care should not add more stress. 
  • ​Not only is the first step to detox from sugar and flour, we're also going to learn how to break these habits so the next time life unexpectedly happens, we won't be caught off-guard.
  • ​At the end of this bootcamp, we're going to hoot and holler together and say, "So long, sugar! Go on, git! And never come back, ya hear?" 
HI, I'm Laurie Cromie
I lost all 100 lbs of my own post-op bariatric regain that I started putting on with my last pregnancy. But it was as though the "magic" of the weight loss surgery had worn off, and I was on my own again!

I originally had surgery to begin with so I could have a healthy pregnancy, and it was a great decision! But soon after I got pregnant, old habits started to slip back in and I remember being in so much shock on my daughter's first birthday realizing I had gained exactly 100 pounds back that I'd lost from surgery! I thought it would be impossible for someone who can only eat 1/2 cup of food at a meal to gain any weight back.

In fact, I was told by my surgeon I would never have to "diet" again. He made it sounds like I could eat anything, just in moderation. 

Unfortunately, that is a MYTH. Something else had to be going on..

So on my daughter's first birthday, I set on my path to getting OBSESSED with losing bariatric regain. I leaned in on the online Facebook WLS communities who said, "Just go back to basics and do what your surgeon told you." However, it was quickly apparent those rules are more for newly post-op, and not a sustainable permanent lifestyle.

I was on my own. 

It wasn't until I stumbled upon information about weight loss being a hormonal issue, that the Calories In Vs. Calories Out Model ("simply burn more calories than you consume") is profoundly broken, that when I simply cut out sugar, grains, and other high-glycemic foods, the weight just fell right back off. 

And not only that, it was FUN and EASY, and now that I have been coaching others in losing their own regain, I always swore I would tell everyone who wanted to learn how too...
Allow me to introduce you to the first of its kind... 
"So long, sugar!"
10-day bootcamp experience
Here's everything you get when you join today: 
#1 Daily LIVE Video Workshop:
We will be going through this together, step-by-step, without the overwhelm so you feel supported all the way through, Days 1-10!
  • Daily instruction, understanding what, why, and the next steps.
  • Your burning questions answered, live, at the tail end of each workshop presentation.
  • Motivation to keep going and ride this wave of massive momentum!
 #2 Exclusive Facebook Group
A safe place for all the support and help you need with others going through the same work.
  • Troubleshoot your hurdles with an empathetic group who GETS you.
  •  Share your wins and what's working with you!
  • Coaches and peers to cheer you on!
#3 ​Printable PDF Workbook
Map Out a Plan You Will Love to Stick To, Without Ever Tracking Macros, Points, Calories, etc...
  • Creating a plan you love to live is the ONLY way to sustainable and permanent weight loss.
  • Fillable charts and worksheets to keep you on track and measure your amazing progress!
  • ​We're going to work though this together, step-by-step so you can get immediate feedback when you feel stuck.
When You Join, You’ll Also Get These FREE Bonuses
So Long Sugar BINGO!
Rack up those Bingos by achieving small milestones throughout the bootcamp for a chance to win some awesome bariatric and keto-friendly prizes!!
"How to Avoid the Keto Flu" PDF Guide
"Keto Flu" is your body's way of being in withdrawal from sugar and can last up to a week! You can avoid this difficult hangover period using my own personal guide to making sure you feel your BEST while your body adjusts to not eating sugar. 
"Master Your Habits and Mind" Live Bonus Masterclass
I used to think my brain was broken; I didn't understand why I would immediately cave to all cravings and temptations. It wasn't until I discovered how the brain works--and how to reprogram it-- that completely erased those urges!

If you find yourself arguing every single night with your brain about eating comfort food, or eating at an inappropriate time, you NEED this class!
Phew! That was a lot! Let’s recap, shall we? 
WHEN YOU JOIN THE so long sugar bootcamp TODAY YOU’LL GET:

You will get...

 #1  Daily LIVE Video Trainings with Q&A, and Replay Option (value $997) 

 #2 Exclusive Facebook Group (value $197)

 #3 ​Printable Workbook PDF so you come out with a Blueprint! (value $37)

Plus When You Order Today...

 So Long Sugar BINGO!  (value $97)

 How to Avoid Keto Flu  (value $18)

 Master Your Habits and Mind Masterclass  (value $297)

(Total Value of $1643)

Yours Today Just $37!


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One of my first members, Brandi transformed into a bombshell 6 months on keto!

Another one of my first members, Trish says she couldn't have had this amazing transformation were it not for our keto program! Gorgeous!


We want this challenge to feel like a no-brainer for you, which is why we’re including a zero-risk, money-back guarantee! 

If after attending the first day of the So Long Sugar Bootcamp Experience and doing the exercises you don’t feel as though you have received AT LEAST the value of your investment, email support no later than the morning of Day 2 and we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Why do I have to pay for the So Long Sugar Bootcamp Experience?

Simply put when people pay, they pay attention. In the past we have run free sugar-free bootcamps and we noticed that most people didn't take it seriously. We don't know about you, but when it comes to our time, we only want to spend it working with people who are in it to win it!

By adding on a small fee, we ensure that only the best quality participants will take part in the So Long Sugar Bootcamp Experience. The kind of people who are encouraging of others success and who you actually want to be around!
What type of people are best suited for this bootcamp?

If you are someone who is at minimum six months out from your bariatric weight loss surgery procedure,  and you're feeling stalled in your progress, then this bootcamp is right for you. It doesn't matter how far out you are, even ten years out of surgery, even if you regained all your weight, you will still benefit greatly from this experience.

It is NOT right for you if you've never had bariatric weight loss surgery. 
What if I can't make it to the coaching calls?

We get it, you're busy and you may not be able to make it to some of the calls. That's why there will be replays available inside the Facebook group and you will have access to those for as long as you have a Facebook account. When the group is archived, you will still be able to watch all of the content.
How is this bootcamp is different to others?

We love this question! And our answer is pretty straightforward: We don’t run bootcamps that are light on the strategy and heavy on the fluff. 

Instead, we host intentional, action-oriented bootcamps that are designed to help you get a clear result and the clear-cut action steps you need to gain massive momentum to getting to goal weight.

We also offer a zero-risk, money-back guarantee where you can ask for a refund by the end of the first day of the challenge and we’ll return your money, no questions asked.

So what’s it going to be? Will you choose to stop letting fear and doubt keep you from living your life to its fullest? Ready to say, "So Long, Sugar!" and get back on track? 

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